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Facebook is by far the most popular network in Ireland. According to “IPSOS MRBI” Facebook accounts for Ireland 64% of all social media traffic in Ireland.

Facebook has recently introduced new methods of advertising, its broadly agreed that Facebook’s organic reach has been reduced from about 16% to 10% and getting lower. This means that less than 10% of your followers will see your posts.

To increase your reach Facebook now wants you to pay a small fee €5 will get you about 1000 impressions the more you pay the greater your reach.

Instagram is one platform that is growing all the time 27% of all adults over 15 have an instagram account and of those 55% use it daily.

28% of Irish people aged 15+ have Twitter accounts. Twitter is about building and is a great tool for gaining direct access to opinion leaders. According to“IPSOS MRBI” Twitter commands 36% of our time spent on Social Media.

Google+ is still relatively small in Ireland, but shouldn’t be ignored it’s very good for link building an important element of Social SEO.Barry Schwartz of SearchMetrics states Google +, Plus 1 are weighted higher Like, Shares or Retweets on rival Social Media sites Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest makes up 19% of our time spent on Social Media but is becoming more and more popular, 90% of its users are female. If the market you are marketing to is is female then perhaps Pinterest should be in your marketing mix.

Linkedin has become very popular in recent years, it’s more professional networking than social networking.

Social Marketing plays a number of very important roles. Firstly, it’s a great communication tool for your business. It’s also great for link building an important part of SEO this in-turn can move your website up the Google rankings.
Most importantly, Social Marketing can generate sales for your business, talk to us today and growing your business.

Social Marketing should be part of your marketing strategy. Smartphone penetration is 61% of phone users in Ireland “Vodafone Ireland”. 4G will mean information will be available instantly. Social Media, email  and searching for products and services are the top activities online.

For the latest IPSOS MRBI Quarterly Figures August 2017

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